What makes us tick

Carson Fox Legal is a specialised commercial, business and property law practice located in central Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and the centre of its commerce. We are not a large “full service” practice. We are a small focused team because we like it that way. Focused on what we enjoy doing, doing what we do best, and on working with clients we want to work with.

We enjoy being a little different. We don’t have a receptionist or a valuable art collection but what we do have is a highly experienced team that delivers practical advice in business and property law matters.  In doing so we like to work with a collaborative approach and we rely on core competence and character.  We do invest in technology and use secure cloud servers to maintain and access information. Technology gives us the flexibility to structure services to better suit our clients’ needs and, in turn, deliver cost savings. This gives us the ability to better manage significant project work cost-effectively. A considerable advantage in fact.

We have earned the reputation of being an innovative provider of legal solutions to both business and private clients.

We have a lot of experience from very large projects – including completing New Zealand’s largest land transaction one year – to daily advice on pressing concerns for our private clients. We value and enjoy the variety of legal issues and people we deal with every day. It is an imperative for us to like our work.

We will always welcome new clients who share our values so that we serve those who both need and want our help, in doing so we will charge enough to maintain competence without losing character, and we will strive to enjoy achieving effective solutions for our clients in a sustainable business environment.

At the same time we will enjoy life outside of the office – that too makes us better lawyers.

We proudly support

Every year we get behind local charities. This year we decided to support Little Sprouts.

Learn about Little Sprouts here.